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george w. bush, i'm the daughter of liberian immigrants. liberian immigrants had a deferred action program that worked very well for many years. there is even a song out where liberian immigrants thank george w. bush, and that being one of those reasons. but i think we have to be, you know, really specific about the community we're talking about, these young people who are future scientists, doctors, lawyers, contributing to american society, aspiring citizens. rick: understood. >> and prioritize the prosecutions. martha: let me just say i think it's very important to focus on who we're talking about. and there are very, very many worthy individuals, and that's who the program is designed for. i think it's great that the worthy individuals could qualify for some relief. the concern is that there could be an individual who is 28 years old at the prime recruiting age for al-qaida who lies to the government, said he's been in the country since he's 7 years old and that individual just by saying he went to high school is now eligible to work in the united states. we've seen how the mex
now by brad blakeman former deputy assistant to president george w bush. and ma gale johnson who is the executive getting young voters out to the polls. what did you think when he said, you're looking at him? >> i thought he's a coac ka could you remembea courageous man. he gave kind of like a stump speech. it kind of fell flat to me. the boos were one thing, talking about obamacare is another. it didn't kind of rise to the occasion. martha: that is such an interesting point. brad, perhaps that's what he did intentionally because he feels like the message for every american is about improving the jobs market, and we can show you some statisticses in a moment but it's been much rofer in the blacrofer in therougher in the black community. >> you can't give one speech to one group and another speech to another group and not be honest with who you are talking about. the president is likely to gain 95, 96% of the afghan vote even though hafrican-american vote even though he doesn't see serve it. if he said he had no time to go to the african-american convention he won't be president r
, democratic or republican have not rushed to jerusalem once they are in office. for example, george w. bush was a great supporter of israel. bill: indeed. >> but went there only once and if his second term not his first. bill: point taken. marvin kaleb thank you out of washington. heather: have you heard about this massive black out in northern india. the power grid collapses bringing trains to a stop, forcing hospitals and airports to use generators, and leaving millions of people sweltering in the summer heat. david piper streaming live for us from bangkok, hi land. what caused this and when will power be restored? >> there are hundreds of millions of indians suffering today because they haven't got even all the power back on yet. the real reason for it they don't know. some suggestion is that some of the states are taking too much power off the grid and that's why it crashed. but they've launched a parliamentary inquiry now. the indian government has said in the last hour, they say 85% of the power is back on, a lot of questions are being asked because the capitol of del of deli has had
the presidency of george w. bush. he has since suggested if they weren't named for him might be easier politically to hold onto them. in 2010, president obama agreed to a two-year extension of these tax cuts. right now taxpayers making more than $250,000 a year, already pay cumulative 44% of all personal income taxes collected by the irs. that is a big chunk. bill: sure is. we also heard ed henry mention jobs june jobs report that came out just on friday. telling face the nation on cbs that president obama is trying to spin bad news into hope. >> this campaign and this election is going to come down to jobs and the economy. the latest jobs numbers obviously incredibly, the president says a step forward. i, would hate to see a step backward. bill: current unemployment rate across the country, 8.2%. nearly six million americans collecting unemployment benefits. martha: well, thousands of americans may not be able to get online this morning on their computers because of a computer virus affecting more than half a million pcs. rick leventhal live in new york city. we talked a lot about hea
. in 2002, president george w. bush labeled the regime as part of axis of evil a group of countries that seek weapons of mass de, have. who are the folks rising up against the regime. 55% of the population, 25 years old and younger. bill: 10 minutes past the hour now. developments as we get all that. we're just getting started on this thursday. there were disturbing new reports today why the fort hood shooting was simply not investigated. there was a congressman saying it was all out of political correctness. >> got to check that one out. as congress remains in a dead-heat extending bush tax cuts, americans are saying what they think about washington's tax debacle. the numbers could be a concern for the white house. congressman kevin mccarthy is in next. bill: mitt romney hammers the president on comments that suggesting that success is a gift from the government. michael barone will analyze that. >> he tries to divide america, tear america apart. he tries to diminish those successful in one line of work or another. it is simply wrong. it is not the course for om a legal settlement
process which has lapsed under george w. bush contributed to stability. now each country can inspect the other's arsenal once again. martha: what is the republican response to the latest news and the numbers. >> reporter: it hasn't been good. arizona republican congressman trent franks who is on the armed services committee called the proposed kphut cuts preposterous. it's likely the white house won't announce the proposal until after november. there would have to be tkpwoerbgts -ts wit negotiations with the russians and a treaty ratified by the senate. president obama in march described his vision of a world without nuclear weapons e. said he was looking forward to meeting with russian president putin in may to discuss future cuts, but that didn't happen since mr. putin skipped the g-8 summit. they say it is easier to bring pressure on north korea and iran. iran is saying their nuclear program is peaceful. north korea is known to have tried a nuclear test. gregg: context for you now on the nuclear program as it sands today. the united states has a total of just over 5100 warheads, o
. you look back and richard nixon, ronald reagan, george h.w. bush, bob dole, many of them, particularly republicans have been sort of very reserved men who are hesitant to talk about themselves. the truth we live in a oprah style confessional society. we first saw it with bill clinton --. martha: spilling it all the time how great you are. >> bill clinton was talking about what kind of underwear he wore for goodness sakes. for better or worse the american people expect the president or presidential candidate to really talk about themselves, their own personal backgrounds. i think governor romney really needs to kind of get over that. president obama -- president obama has no problem doing it with himself. martha: it is baked into your dna we all know people like that. we understand it. listen to another piece from the interview and i want to get some more thoughts from you guys. >> my wife and i we try to give 10% of our time, not just 10% of our money but also time to service in the community and those thing have enriched our life. have give us perspectives that go beyond the group of
under george h.w. bush. sir welcome. good to have you here as always. >> happy tuesday. martha: happy tuesday to you. what do you make of that connection? why are you drawing a line to these three men and the stories that cropped up quite some time ago? >> actually the point i'm really trying to make is that this is a really dumb white house, and a dumb campaign, that for them to introduce the word felon into the discourse reminds people that the president came out of that murky soup of politics in illinois, where as i've said before politician and felon are almost synonymous. if he wants to run the campaign that way and say it's legitimate to discuss those issues i don't think it's very smart. look, the chicago formula is the formula this white house uses. the president -- you brought up the comment he made yesterday about business, that you don't succeed on your own. martha: right. >> that shows that he really believes that, that government makes businesses succeed, and individuals don't. and the reason he believes that is the chicago formula. in chicago they give grants to their fr
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)